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Rules and Regulations


In order to get the most out of the Cub Scouts experience, an attendance policy has been set. Attendance for each Cub Scout will be closely monitored by leaders and lack of attendance and participation may end in dismissal from the troop. Cub Scouts are expected to meet AT LEAST 75% of annual attendance for all Pack activities.


  • 3 Tardies = 1 Absence
  • 3 Absences = Warning
  • 4 Absences = No Patch for the current scouting year / level
  • 6 Absences = Out from the Cub Scouting Program; no exceptions

An unexcused absence is an absence in which the Cub Scout did not inform a leader of his absence, or was denied permission to miss an event.
An excused absence is presented in a written format by a person other than the Cub Scout’s family member, which provides the reason for a Cub Scout’s absence with specified date and event.
Excused absence are valid ONLY if the Cub Scout is not feeling well; other reasons, including but not limited to, Family issues, traveling, out of town / country, allergies, out of town guests, etc. are not considered as excused absence. An example of an EXCUSED absence is:

  • Doctor’s note, inform 24 hour events
  • School event, signed note from school


Cub Scouts have a 10 minute grace period from the time a meeting/activity begins in which they can arrive. If arrival will be late, please inform a leader at least 30 minutes in advance. Please do not call in last minute; leaders are often busy with getting the meeting started.

  • No announcements about Pack’s meeting or events in J/K; communication is always done via Email
  • Cub Scouts and Parents are responsible for providing any updated email addresses or issues with email ahead of time. Cub Scouts and parents are also responsible for checking their emails up to 12 hours before an event or a meeting.
  • Our emails are sent via digitally signed service and shouldn’t land in your email’s SPAM box, unless you explicitly mark it as one.
  • Our Pack’s calendar and Events Page is regularly updated; please visit often to make sure you are not missing any event / updates
  • As a general guidelines (some exceptions applies), we try to send out email of any upcoming Event (usually on Sundays) by Wednesdays.
  • Any emails send to the pack (at, will be answered within 72 hours; although we strive to respond earlier, but that may not be the case every time you send an email.
  • Last minutes schedule changes do occur, so please check your email regularly.


It is imperative that the proper uniform is worn in order to represent Cub Scouts in a professional and appropriate manner. Uniforms are to be worn at meetings, activities, and service events unless otherwise specified by the leader. 
Full uniform includes all required articles of clothing including, but not limited to, Shirt, Pants, Scarf, Slide, Belt, Socks, Shoes, etc. All badges should be sewn in proper places. The basic rule is neatness. ANY uniform issue will result in all of the following

  1. First offense – Written warning will be issued
  2. Second offense – Parents will receive a phone call
  3. Cub Scouts may be sent home from the event/meeting.

Continuation of Uniform issues will result in probation and subsequent dismissal from Cub Scout.


Transportation will not be provided by the Cub Scouts. Parents will be responsible to arrange their own car pools and rides to any event, meeting, etc.


Respect each individual you interact within Cub Scouts. 
This includes:

  • Everyone in your Pack.
  • Cub master and Assistant Cub master.
  • Den and Assistant Den Leaders.
  • Showing disrespect to ANY individual in your pack will result in an immediate contact with a parent and a possible probation.


  • Cub Scouts are role models to all other packs, as well as others in Jamat Khana.
  • Cubs should be on their best behavior at all times, especially when wearing their uniform.
  • Any misbehavior will be discussed in individual discussions with the leader and appropriate action will be taken if needed.  This is solely on the discretion of the leaders.

Role of Parents/Parents Behavior

Parents at all times are expected to show respect towards any leader or member of Cub Scouts Management. 

This is a proper channel of voicing concerns about a Cub Scouts pack. 

Den Leader -> Asst. Cubmaster -> Cubmaster -> Pack Committee -> Board Link -> BSO

If any issues occur, please contact above individuals via EMAIL.  Parents are to provide an example to all Cub Scouts and refrain from discussing “gossip” or complaints.

Parent Handbook Consent

We encourage all the parent to go through the Parent Handbook (click here) to better understand the rules and regulations for the Cub Scouts Pack 758, the Pack Committee, Dens’ operations and general guidelines.

Parental Involvement

We encourage and welcome all parent volunteers. Our pack and individual den can only survive with the helping hands of our parents.  If you’re new to Cub Scouts, it’s great to start off by helping out with your Den!  As you learn the ropes, you can help out in other areas as well.

Note: Each parent is expected to dedicate at least 3 hours of voluntary service toward any pack event.

© 2023 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2023 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America