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Fuel Your Adventures with Popcorns

1.0 How to Sign Up for the 2018 Popcorn Sale

Why Poptober ?

  • POPtober is a way to raise funds for our Pack by selling popcorn door to door.
  • It provides an opportunity to our Cubs to go out there and talk to their friends, families, neighbors, gives them confidence
  • Teaches them a valuable lesson of life, learns how to take NO for an answer
  • Cubs learns how to “Earn their way”; very important
  • Chance to be recognized among peers and within scouting community; win big Prizes.

You can sell popcorn:

1)      Door to Door: This is a preferred and proven method and It Works!

a.      Customers see the Cub Scout! It is difficult for a customer to say “no” to a young Cub Scout in uniform.

b.      Begin your conversation by “Will you help me …

c.       It gives the Scouts face to face sales experience.

d.       Scouts take the orders and submit to the Pack. We submit to District and pick up the orders at a later date. We distribute the orders to the Pack.

e.      Customers can pay by cash or check. Make checks payable to “Pack 758”.

f.      Order forms can be picked up at the Pack Meeting or can be printed out at home. See attached order form.

Although, we don’t mandate this for our cubs, but we recommend each scout to make at least 5 sales. 


Prizes and Incentives:


Click Here to View/Download the complete Prize List per Level.


Scholarship Program:

3.9 Scholarship Program

Scouts who sell at least $2,500 in any calendar year will have 6% of their Qualified Product Sales count towards their own Trail’s End Scholarship*. Once enrolled, 6% of their sales each year will go towards the scholarship. Reporting of sales is not automatic, and forms must be submitted to Trail’s End each year following the guidelines below. Scouts only have to hit the $2,500 minimum one time, and don’t forget online sales count.

For more details, please check out Trail’s End Scholarship Program Page (click here)

Scout Champions:


A Scout Champion is what we call our top selling Scouts! Now you might be thinking that you don’t have any Scout Champions because you know how high some Scouts’ sales are..but that might not be the case…anymore!

Circle Ten Council and Trail’s End are committed to recognizing more Scouts for their sales than ever before! Together, we have come up with some pretty amazing prizes. We have set some different levels for Scouts to strive for and put some cool prizes in at those levels, too! Some are even cumulative (meaning the Scout can earn the prizes at EACH of those levels)!


Scout Champions begin at the $1,000 level and the levels go up from there! (For information on how a Scout can reach that level in four 2 hour shifts of Show & Sell, check out this post.)

For more details, please check out the Scouts Champions Details Page (click here)

Safety Tips:

1)      Always wear your Uniform

2)      Always sell with an adult and/or with a group

3)      Never enter anyone’s home

4)      Do not sell after dark

5)      Always stay on the sidewalks and driveways

6)      Never carry large amounts of cash

Selling script:

Hi, my name is ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_________ (say first name only)

I am a Cub Scout with Pack 758

I am selling Trail’s End Popcorn so that I can earn my way to camp

You can support me by buying some of our gourmet popcorn (hand the customer the Take Order form and a pen)

Will you help me earn my way to Camp?

Training Videos :

Parent Training Video – Teresa Barnett

Watch this video with information from Teresa Barnett, District Kernel for Ozark Trails Council.


Scout Training

Have parents and Scouts watch this video to see the benefits of selling Trail’s End.

Important Documents: 

Important Dates: 

  • Sunday, August 12th, 2018  – Poptober Kick-off (Pack Meeting)
  • Friday, October 26th, 2018  – Pack’s Poptober Order Forms Collection
  • Friday, Nov 2nd, 2018  – Poptober 2018 Campaign Concludes / Sales Ends
  • Saturday, Dec 1st, 2018 – Pack’s Poptober Order Distribution Day (one day only)
© 2022 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America
© 2022 Cub Scouts Pack 758 - Boy Scouts of America